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Kite Making Supplies List

This is a list of items I use on my kites. As I find out where on the internet to get these items I will post links to their websites. If anyone knows of any other good sources to find these items, let me know and I will work up a list of links.


1. Coated Ripstop Nylon(Icarex) - Most good kite shops will have this fabric. I am always looking for a good source for rolls in my colors. I know Herb of Mainframekites has a great selection and will ship to almost anywhere. His prices I found are competitive.
2. Non-Coated Ripstop - This fabric is used for a lot of large inflatable kites. I does stretch a little so you have to take that into consideration or you might find that over time your kite will fly different. Things like a big bear or other fish or animal, might not mind stretching so much.
3. Tyvek - is a good choice for making prototypes of kites you would like to build. It is not very pretty, but it is strong and easy to work with. I use it for making templates of kites I would like to build. I am tempted to make a flow form out of the stuff just for fun. It is available almost anywhere you find home building supplies. They use it for coating a house before they put the siding on a new home.


1. I use Mettler Polyester Thread. I find this to be the best I found in my sewing adventures. It does not get fuzzy or inconsistent in quality. It is great to sew with.
2. Guttermann Polyester Thread is a good second choice, it is not as good as the Mettler for sewing kites but does a good job.


1. Schmetz Microtex 80\12. This needle is simply great. It sews smoother than any needle I've tried. It is a very fine, sharp needle. It is great to sew with. The only choice as far as I'm concerned. I get them at the local Viking Dealer but I am sure they are available at other sewing supply places as well.

Ribbon and Trims

1. Bias Tape - I use Bias Tape - Double Fold for the edging on the Bol kites and also on my Spin socks.
2. 3/8" Grosgrain Polyester Ribbon - This I use for making the bridle loops on my smaller kites. Works great on the Spin socks and the Single Box Deltas. I used it on the Bols I made and it holds up great.
3. You can also make your own trim by cutting 1 to 2 inch strips of your kite fabric and fold it in half length ways. As shown in my Spin Sock Plan.

Odds and Ends

Sampo Ballbearing Swivels - Found at fishing supply stores.

Rope - (in work)

Line - (in work)